Do our treats contain any artificial preservatives or additives?

No. Our entire range of Maddies treats contain absolutely no added preservatives or additives. Using our tried and tested baking methods we have extended the shelf life of our treats without using any artificial ingredients.

How long do our treats last?

It is best to store our treats in an airtight container in the fridge, to keep them fresh and at their best. If stored correctly, our tasty treats will easily last for a couple of weeks. They can also be safely frozen and defrosted when you need them... if you have any leftover of course! 

I've ordered my treats, how long will it take for them to arrive? 

Our treats are baked fresh to order so please allow 2 - 3 working days for delivery. All our treats are packaged in certified food-safe packaging and are posted via first class delivery within 24 hours of your order to ensure that the treats you receive are of the highest quality and freshness and ready to be enjoyed by your pampered pooch! 

Do you charge postage?

First class delivery is charged at a flat rate of £3.50, no matter how many bags you buy.

What makes Maddies treats ethical?

Commercially bought dog treats are often made of meat that is not deemed as suitable for human consumption and often contains hormones, pesticides and antibiotics. Our treats don't contain any meat whatsoever, so we don't have to worry about any possible unethical origins of our ingredients.

All of the eggs used in our products are free-range and organic.

By omitting meat products from our treats and sourcing organic ingredients where possible, we can ensure that all our treats are made of genuinely high quality, ethical and natural ingredients.

Are Maddies DEFRA approved?

We are proud to say that Maddies are registered and approved by DEFRA, which assures you that the treats we sell are safely made and stored in a clean and hygienic environment. As part of our registration, our treats are also subject to stringent safety tests each year.

What information is on your labelling?

Unlike many other companies, our treats are scientifically product analysed by an independent company. This not only provides you with all of the analytical information that you may need, but it also confirms that our treats contain only the ingredients that are listed on the labelling.

We are proud to be open and transparent about our products and how they're made, unlike many others available. 

Do you supply to trade?

Yes, we are happy to supply our treats to trade. Please get in touch with our team using the Contact Us page or e-mail us at maddiesdogtreats@outlook.com