About Us

Maddies is a dog treat bakery, specialising in natural, handmade and ethical dog treats that we freshly bake everyday in our Staffordshire kitchen. Our company was inspired by rescue staffie Maddie, who is now employed as Chief Taste Tester and official Maddies mascot!

The idea for our company began when Maddies founder, Kate, adopted her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Maddie, back in 2016. She had been used for breeding purposes and had been handed into a rescue centre shortly after having her latest litter of puppies. She weighed only 13kg, had a severe ear infection, itchy skin and digestive issues. Maddie settled into her new home quickly and soon discovered that her favourite past time was curling up under the covers in the big double bed!

Kate wanted Maddie to enjoy food which was natural, wholesome and healthy, but still tasted delicious!

There are several companies who make high quality, healthy wet and dry dog food, so it was relatively easy to find the perfect food for Maddies dinner. However, Kate soon found out that it was much harder to find dog treats that were of the same quality. 

Looking through the bags of treats on the supermarket shelves, Kate soon discovered that many commercially available dog treats were high in fat, sugar and preservatives and were usually made using fillers and by-products rather than natural, high quality ingredients. 

It was also difficult to ascertain what was actually going into these mass-produced dog treats. Labels often included vague ingredient lists and confusing terminology. For example, one of the ingredients you are most likely to see on a bag of dog food is 'meat by-products' which actually refers to by-products made from the parts of the animal not fit for human consumption. Things have improved, but most dog food is still made up of whatever's left over on the factory floor.

Another vague phrase that you often see on dog food labels is 'EC permitted additives' - this term actually covers a list of about 4,000 chemicals! The honest answer here is that there are no nutritional reasons for your dog to consume any artificial additives at all. Artificial colourings are used to make food look more attractive to the owner and artificial flavourings are used to improve the palatibility of dog food, but should this be necessary if the food is of high quality? What unpleasant flavours are manufacturers trying to hide? 

Artificial preservatives are also in the vast majority of dog treats that you can buy to give them the shelf life that we require. The three most commonly used are - 

E320 - BHA

E321 - BHT

E324 - Ethoxyquin

These are very effective in prolonging the shelf life of your dogs treats, however they have been associated with several health problems, including cancer. It's no surprise that these are one of the cheaper methods of preserving dog food!

Kate also struggled to find a range of dog treats that were made of ethically sourced ingredients, something that was very important to her. She wanted treats which contained free range eggs and organic produce, not factory farmed meat.

Kate soon found that feeding homemade snacks offered the perfect solution to the issues that she'd discovered. She loved that she knew exactly what ingredients were being used and that they could be freshly baked when needed. 

However, the simple fact is that most dog owners simply don't have the time to bake their own dog treats every week, so have no choice but to buy the mass produced treats found in shops. 

This is why Maddies was founded, using the dog that inspired it all as our namesake.

Our aim was to create a range of affordable, delicious dog treats, made of 100% natural ingredients with absolutely no additives, baked fresh to order everyday. 

Now in 2018, our company continues to expand but our aim remains the same. When you buy a bag of Maddies treats, you can be sure that they have been lovingly handmade using only fresh, high quality ingredients and we never use ANY preservatives or additives. Our labelling is completely transparent and we are honest about what goes into our treats and how they're made, unlike so many other companies. 

Oh, and Maddie still insists on taste testing every batch of treats that comes out of the kitchen!

Check out our Online Shop to see our delicious range of treats and spoil your pampered pooch today!

Here's what our customers have to say about our tasty treats - 

"My dogs love your treats, as soon as they see the white bags they go crazy!" - Jemma 

"My little dachshund can't get enough of these, especially the cheesy ones. I love that they are made of all natural ingredients too" - Kirsty 

"My goodness, they smell amazing!" - Lisa 

"Our two dogs absolutely love these and they smell delicious. Lucky dogs! Would definitely recommend" - Julie 

"Fantastic treats and Maddies also made a generous donation of treats to our auction to raise money for rescue dogs" - Gillian 

"These treats were so good that one of my dogs just couldn't leave them alone! After giving one each to my five dogs, I put the rest in a container. The little monkey opened the container and ate the rest, aided by his friend. Guilty!" - Christine 

"They smell so nice, my dog loves them and they're natural and handmade, what's not to love! I'll definitely be buying them regularly" - Kelsie 

"Well my dog loved these treats so much I have had to hide them!" - Amanda